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Product description
Product description

Never let the cold get in your way again. To steadily reach 113 Fahrenheit, keeping you warmer, longer.

This PAD is a step ahead when it comes to heating innovation, delivering steady, radiated heat. Designed with an insulated interior, its unidirectional heat helps you retain warmth when you are on the go. 

ColdProof is a self-regulating heating pad for outdoor activities. With its incorporated NASA heating technology, our product is also light, highly portable, flexible and lets you leverage your existing external batteries to power ColdProof for long, steady durations.

Big things come in small packages. Its slender form factor makes it applicable to so many outdoor activities. Slip it into your jacket, or on a cold surface (to sit on), and it will deliver steady, regulated warmth in the direction that you need it.

Powered by the universal USB interface. Since it uses the most common USB interface, you'll be able to connect it to a  variety of portable batteries and power sources that deliver 5-Volts. 

Here are some proven ways that can keep you cozy:

  • As a bench warmer (aluminum stadium seats get cold)
  • Under your jacket on cold days (from snowboarding, to skiing and even ice skating)
  • On your motorcycle seat (keeping your rear toasty while on the open road)
  • On your car seat (if your car didn't come with heated seats)
  • The back or seat of a chair (giving you heat where you need it most)
  • By the campfire or within your sleeping bag (stay warm all night long)

Each unit contains one Heating Pad and a USB Extension cable.
Size: 11 x 9 x .25 inches
Material: PTC ink Pad
Insulation: 1 Layer
Current Draw: 2A / 1A
Voltage: 5 Volts
Input: USB
Targeted Temperature: 113 F Degree
Lasts 5-10 Hours by 10,000mAh Battery (dependent on environment)
Water Resistant (IP65)
TUV SUD Certification