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Luminous singing doll pillow

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Product description
Product description


  • High quality fabrics-Using super soft plush fabric, soft and comfortable, the hair loss rate is less than 0.3%.The introduction of imported cashmere production process, to ensure that each baby fabric is first-class, wool dyeing with natural color, do not fade and green environmental protection
  • 3d vacuum PP cotton filling-The fillers of the dolls are all imported 3d vacuum PP cotton with excellent expansion performance and extension performance.After ignition combustion test, harmful gas is 0, truly achieved green environmental protection, pure no staining
  • Delicate workmanship-Adopt box-type laser shearing machine to cut, ensure the external evenness of the doll, all adopt electric machine to sew, excellent needlework teacher to guide the work on site, ensure that every product is of high quality


  • There are music and lights-Contains a Christmas song full of festive atmosphere, simple to operate
  • Diverse styles-Five styles and four sizes are available to meet your different needs
  • Full shape is not afraid of extrusion-Choose fleeciness the PP cotton of high grade, let doll have flexibility, feel more exquisite, resemble recumbent and soft cloud
  • detachable-Dolls with suction cups can be sucked on the glass, can be removed, after hanging on the bag, the Christmas tree



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